Tribute Page finally done... I think

I finally finished my tribute page for the first project. The responsiveness and probably some other things aren’t perfect, but I know its due to some things I don’t quite understand yet but I shall get there. please check it out:
and I would love and appreciate some feedback.

Your page looks good @adekunlejulia. Some things to revisit;

Since you’re asking for feedback I’m going to move it to the #project-feedback subforum so it will get more eyes on.

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Thank you for your response and useful links, appreciate it :smiley:

Hi @Roma

I’ve made the changes to make the link more accessible, but just wanted to understand more about the br element. I’ve read the link you sent, is it saying that to use a br element, I should wrap it inside a p element and then use margin to control the spacing size or simply use an empty p element and then control the spacing that way. Also you said to not use br element to force line breaks or spacing, I understand the spacing part but isn’t br element meant for forcing/creating line breaks? or it can only be used for poems and addresses?

@adekunlejulia , a really good page you’ve got there but you’re yet to revisit the accessibility issue.

I’m not too sure what you mean @Jedidiah I’ve gone back to read the lesson on accessibility. can you please explain?

Permit me to post this rather long text from the Accessibility lesson;

Screen reader users have various options for what type of content their device reads. These options include skipping to (or over) landmark elements, jumping to the main content, or getting a page summary from the headings. Another option is to only hear the links available on a page.

Screen readers do this by reading the link text, or what’s between the anchor ( a ) tags. Having a list of “click here” or “read more” links isn’t helpful.

From the above, a user that solely depends on screen reader may not get much from Open Doors since that’s what the screen reader reads. Instead, using a text that directly refers to your intention (e.g. using his awesome ministry as your anchor text) will give more meaning to the hearer.

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That is, a user already knows what you’re linking to even before visiting the link.

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@Jedidiah ohh right i understand, thank you for taking the time to explain. must have gone over my head when i was reading it

looks great @adekunlejulia ! I can suggest slight appearance adjustments to make it look better(in my eyes). Give a slight top margin for the purple border window, so it isnt glued to the top(idk, it just feels odd to me) and you can use the same color for the vertical line dividing the two sections on the bottom of your page, maybe even make it slightly wider to emphasis consistency with the windowed border.

Hey @Sylvant, thanks for the suggestions. I’ve added the margin at the top for the border, you were right on that. I used the same colour as the border for the vertical line and also made it wider and it just didn’t look right, so I’ve kept it as before but made the vertical line, just slightly wider. Thanks again.

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