Tribute Page Finished

Well, this is my Tribute Page about my dad’s band, back when he was rlly young. Since it is for him (and I’ve to say, I don’t have that much info), I tried to make something different, but with a very simple structure and layout according to my very basic code skills. This is my very first time coding with bootstrap, so as you may notice this has some issues (not to mention the messy code part) such an extra space on the right which makes the horizontal scrolling to appear or the super big CTAs when resizing the screen under 768px break point. Please send me your comments and/or advice, they’re more than welcome!


Very impressive visually. Love the minimalistic layout. I also like that you’ve utilized the parallax scrolling background, as it’s one of my favorite css tricks that I’ve discovered.

Can’t speak to the code organization, as I am in no position to judge that without being a hypocrite.

Overall, I think it looks really good!

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Wow, great job! I love the see through window to the background image. I’m inspired!

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I know! This parallax trick adds a nice visual touch and it’s very simple to apply, I really like it too. Thank you so much for your feedback!

Thank you soo much for your comment! I’m so glad this can be of help T//////T!!!