Tribute Page - First ever project


This is the first ever project and first time programming. I know the code could be better structured, but could you please give me some feedback? Thanks for every point.

www. codepen. io/TomasJevcik/pen/pmzoWp

Nice design. Clean lay-out, no glaring issues on desktop view. Moving forward, you’ll want to consider mobile. Keep an eye out for topics such as media-queries or mobile-first development or frameworks such as Bootstrap.

Code looks okay. Good attention to detail.

It looks decent. Try making the HTML background something besides white. Add a top and bottom margin of 5% to the main content.

Remove the bullet points at the bottom of the page under the Arsenal and individual sections.

li {
list-style-type: none;



Look up CSS transitions and use that for your hover effects with the statistics.

Overall, this is a nice webpage. The modern style is unique and I like it.


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