Tribute Page - First page I've done in a long time

link to project if it works:

I wouldn’t say that I did this quickly, but I did it all in one day and this is the first time I’ve done something like this in age, what do you guys think? I am not that great with web design lol.

Looks good mate. One piece of advice might be to work on your layout using css more than using a bunch of breaks <br>. Simple and easy to read though, good job :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I know :). I could have done that, but I got in a rush to finish it because I was getting annoyed with div’s crashing into one another and trying to fix them :). I only slightly remember how to deal with that and it was getting very annoying :). The caption div was getting stuck in the image div and yada yada :). By the time I messed around and figured it out, I had spent forever on it and I wanted to get it done the same day haha.

I liked the consistent color scheme and the carefully thought spaces. Very nice!
A piece of advice: be careful with the indentation. It will be easier to understand the code later.

You’re doing great. Keep up! :+1:

Yeah, that indentation is something I need to learn to do correctly. Also, I need to learn how to use comments in my code :). I just do this for fun and because I want to learn how to build sites for the challenge of it. I don’t think I will ever do anything with it as far as making money because I am just not all that artistically talented.

Don’t worry about that. Continue to learn web development by curiosity, and your design skills will increase naturally, along with your possibilities of making money with it.

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Use the “Tidy code” on the little dropdown of each section and it should indent for you.

That’s what I was hoping for champ :). I was never in it for the money before, but rather the fun of it and the challenge of it, but I sure could use the money now. I am working on the survey project today and it’s not looking too bad honestly.