Tribute page -first project- feedback

This is my first project ever. What do you think, folks :sweat_smile:?

Tribute page

Woohoo :brain: emoji

Good job! Did you do this from the normal curriculum or the beta?

My biggest suggestion would be to look into how you can make it mobile responsive as this is quite a big part of web design nowadays.

Overall, well done! I found doing the first project really tough but after that I felt a bit more comfortable with making things from scratch.

Normal curriculum. Funny, because it is my next goal, to find out how to make it mobile responsive, but itโ€™s still great suggest from you and thanks :grin:

Me too. Iโ€™ve get stuck and it was hard at the beginning, but every time when I saw how my tribute page was changing, I felt amazing :grin:

Looking good! I also did Albert Einstein for my tribute page! :slight_smile:

One suggestion I would have for you is under your HTML you are using the font tag to make the font Times. What you could do instead is style the jumbotron class and body under CSS and use the font-family property to apply Times to all of your text. This will be much more widely supported by browsers as the font tag is considered obsolete.

Otherwise, looks like you are off to a great start!

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I found this page to be helpful when I was working out mobile responsiveness:

It took me a little while but the key thing was to experiment in Codepen or something like that where you know you wonโ€™t break anything. Once I got it worked out, I was on top of the world :smiley: