Tribute page - first project in FCC

Hi everyone. I’ve just finished my first FCC project and I will be gratefull if you share your thoughts with me. Link to my project is here:

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Welcome to the forums @klyred. Your page looks good. Some things to revisit;

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Hi @klyred !

Welcome to the forum!

I really like your design!
Keep up the good work. :grinning:

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Hello Klyred. Welcome to the forum!
Your page looks very good. Apart from the description needed in the link text. I think your page is very good.
If you still want to improve it, you can make this part a bit more interactive:

Hope this helps.
Congratulations for your work.

Thanks for your feedback and hearthy welcome.
What do you suggest to do to make this list more interactive?
Turning it to dropdown list?

Hmmm, a list or an internal link would only make sense if you add a description to the elements.
As I said, your page look goods, but in terms of design you could do more space saving.
For example, you could elaborate four classifications of this long list:
-Short Stories.
-Hussite Trilogy
-Other Novels.

And then adding design and a general description of those classifications with your creativity.
But it’s up to you.
Best wishes

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Well done for your first project :clap:
I like the clean and simple feel to it and it looks well on the small screen as well as the larger screen sizes.
My only suggestion design wise would be maybe to get rid of the bullet points in the list of books (if you still want it to look like a list try styling it a bit differently, something like a just a border-left on the list or each list item ).
Overall well done and look forward to seeing your next project :smiley:

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@klyred The page looks pretty good. I do not have any suggestions for improvement. It look good in mobile view too. I like the overlapping effect of the container div. Good job!

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@klyred, remember that changes to your design are suggestions. You can choose whether to implement or not and move on to the next project.

Maybe at some point in the future you may want to revisit and implement some of the suggestions.
Or maybe take the suggestions and make an entirely new page.
You may want to take the suggestions and make a page that doesn’t fulfill all the FCC user stories. In which case make sure you do it in another pen, not the pen you submitted.

Have fun!


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