Tribute Page -first Project

Hello everyone. I am newbie in web development. I have just completed my first project on the Tribute Page:

please I would appreciate feedback from more experienced guys so I see where I need to improve on.


You have pasted the link to the template pen, not to your own pen.

Thanks Micheal for replying. Can you please explain what you mean because I don’t really know the difference. How can I access my own pen? I know this may sound stupid, but will appreciate your help.

I guess this is what you mean:

Hey man can you put that in a pen instead of a project? It’s not a big deal but it allow viewers to make edits on the fly. Also there’s a problem with the script element (you put two src=). The page looks good either way, but I think more content would be good. Also remember that you can make it about anyone, not just Dr. Norman Borlaug, if you prefer so.

Dariushine thanks for your feedback. I guess this is better. I have taken onboard your other suggestion about adding content which I am also going to do soon. But just wanted to share quickly with you this link after making a pen and forking it. Thanks guys for your feedback. I have definitely learned something new.

Yes that was it. Definitely it’s well done for your first project. One thing that I noticed is that the image seems to shrink in height and it looks a bit weird. Add a object-fit: cover to it and it will not resize like that. Then add a bit more content and make another post here to receive more feedback. Good luck!

Thanks! You the best