Tribute Page for Alan Partridge

Hello! Here’s my tribute page to the great Alan Partridge. I used’s site as a precedent. I definitely have a ways to go, but am satisfied with the tribute page for the time being.

Any feedback would be appreciated. I know the color scheme is a bit garish, but I believe they would appeal to Partridge’s sensibilities. However, does anyone have any recommendations/tips for picking color schemes?


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Nice work and colors mate, I think there spot on, and I got to learn something about Alan Partridge I didn’t know he was sacked from the BBC and not with monetary work for 2 years.
Anyways cheers for the good read. I wouldn’t worry about colors they really do fit. My general rule of thumb is pick 3 colors max and use different shades of them colors.

Looks good I agree with @Lee182 on the color choice, they’re in the same family so it works. The only suggestion I would make is maybe increase the font on the titles of publications… but over all really looks good… keep up the good work, on a side note, I just finished my tribute page and can’t seem to figure out how to embed the iframe from codepen HA! Don’t mean to hijack your post! Cheers…

Thank you. You’re right the font for the publications is really, really small, especially when compared to the quotes.

As far as embedding, just do ctrl+k or cmd+k(?) or click on the hyperlink button then enter the link to your pen (just the URL you see when you’re working on pen).

Thank you! Poor Alan really has come a long way since his days at the ungrateful BBC.

I appreciate the tip. I guess I was really overthinking it (ie: I need one color for headers, another for links, another for background, another for this element…). Three colors and shades sounds much simpler and unified.

@corwin-m I appreciate the tip… Sounds so simple now!! :joy: I guess thats what a NOOBIE gets!