Tribute Page for Albert Einstein

This is my first submission and I’m interested in getting feedback. I was toying with CSS after going through this unit, so try moving your mouse around and you might see something interesting. Let me know what you think! Thanks for stopping by:

I am trying to look at your tribute page in full page view. I get the message “! The owner of this Pen needs to verify their email address to enable Full Page View”. Verify your email address so we can have a good look at your project :slight_smile:

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Codepen has a useful debugger that can be accessed by clicking the dropdown arrow on the top right of the text editor area and selecting the analyze option.

You have this following error:


Aside from that is there a reason why you aligned the tribute info div content to the right? I think it’d look better centered or to the left personally.

@mangotree0 Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve verified my e-mail address.

@RadDevDad Ooohh, interesting. I didn’t know there was a debugger. I’ve fixed the error. In regards to the layout decision… for some reason margin:auto wasn’t centering my content, so I did a workaround with padding and it looked fine on a large resolution, but after taking another look it does look funky on a smaller one. I adjusted the CSS and fixed it per your suggestion. Thanks!

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