Tribute page for Dr. Norman Borlaug - I'd appreciate some feedback

Hi folks,

This is actually my first post here, I’ve been away for a long time not doing anything on freecodecamp, but now I’m back and this time, far better motivated to finish as much as possible.

I just finished the tribute page challenge, so I’d appreciate any feedback you can offer. I know it would have been better if I didn’t use bootstrap, but regardless, I’m pleased with the result so far.

So yeah, here is it:

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Your overall design is great. Placing the text in a semi-transparent div element before an appropriately chosen background image looks fantastic. The text is very legible, the fonts match the content.

Your design is responsive and looks good on simulated mobile phones.

Code quality is very high. No unclosed tags, you don’t misuse HTML elements. I doubt that the Bootstrap class “jumbotron” is used as intended, though, and you could have used <small> inside the <h1> instead of <h2>. Your <h2> isn’t really a second-level heading in my opinion, but it is very common to do it as you did.

Three minor critical remarks:
Are you sure about spelling “Garramond” with two r in the CSS? It seems to work, though.
I advise against using “here” as link text. Try to use more descriptive link texts as a general rule. It is much easier for the users if the link itself tells them where it will take them.
You have the numbers “[7][8][9][10]” in your text that look like a leftover from a copy-paste from Wikipedia.

Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment, this is very helpful. I will revise the page according to your remarks.
Have a wonderful day!

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