Tribute page for Edgar Allan Poe - Please give me feedback :)

I have just started here and done the bootstrap and html/css/js. I have created a tribute page to Poe. Please let me know if it’s any good and if I could improve it.

Pen located here

Many thanks

I like that you have a quotes section.

I did not see a navigation bar, which I think is one of the requirements of the exercise.

While I don’t personally mind the quotes next to the timeline, you will likely have to change this formatting, if you are going to have a menu item that links to the quotes.

I felt the the text for the timeline was either too fine or too small – but it just may be my monitor.

Overall, I think that you have done well.

HTML Codepenlinter

  • The ‘alt’ attribute is required for elements.
 <img class="img-responsive center-block" src="" />
  • Nesting list problem:
        <li>1809</li> <-- here
          <li>Edgar Poe is born on January 19, in Boston.
          <li>Thomas Jefferson is President
          <li>Abraham Lincoln is born on February 12, in Kentucky
          <li>Charles Darwin is born on February 12, in England

MDN code example [0]:

  <li>first item</li>
  <li>second item      <!-- Look, the closing </li> tag is not placed here! -->
      <li>second item first subitem</li>
      <li>second item second subitem</li>
      <li>second item third subitem</li>
  </li>                <!-- Here is the closing </li> tag -->
  <li>third item</li>

Using “ol”:

  • first item
  • second item
    1. second item first subitem
    2. second item second subitem
    3. second item third subitem
  • third item

Using “ul”:

  • first item
  • second item
    • second item first subitem
    • second item second subitem
    • second item third subitem
  • third item


Cheers and happy coding :slight_smile:

Hi guys

Thanks for your feedback. I have wrapped those

    tags as you suggest erretres and enlarged the time line text also.

    I also added the nav and some anchors.

    Thanks so much guys