Tribute page for Kim Jung Gi feedback please

Hi all,

Really enjoying learning coding from scratch on here.

Just finished my tribute page to artist Kim Jung Gi. I have blocked out the bootstrap coding as it wasoverriding my background color and making it white. Does anybody know why?

I also would have liked to make a fixed navigation bar on the left, instead of at the top, but this was giving me major headaches.

Anyway, first project done, comments and criticism welcome.

Project Link - [](



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Oooh, nicely done there! I made mine just really basic, not too proud of it but still a start.

Also, is your background supposed to be white or what? What color did you want it to be int he first place?

Thanks, I wanted it to be light grey, which I think it is, however when I tried adding the bootstrap link it just messed everything up, have no idea why though