Tribute Page for Lord Byron - Feedback very welcomed

Hello, I am including a link to my tribute page I made for the first freeCodeCamp challenge. I would sincerely appreciate any feedback on my page.

I used bootstrap mainly just for the columns and mostly did my own CSS. I had some problems with the wells not being able to be offset with bootstrap’s offset class, so I just did a hack with some math and margin-left using percentage(I had two wells with 4 columns each, so that would leave me with 4 columns remaining, so to center, offset on first div by two from left so right still has two.). Not sure, and I’m open to reason why it didn’t work. I think it is because I didn’t like my wells being a different height and I used another strange looking hack using margin and padding (look at me CSS and for -9999px, lol). Either way, I got it kind of centered. I also added some simple JavaScript for the copyright year to be kept current.

Tribute Page to Lord Byron

Again, thank you for viewing and any feedback, it really does help having this community for a sounding board while learning. Good luck to all.

looks good and it’s responsive, good job