Tribute page for lovely band

Hello!My name is Kirill and this is my first web-page. My english is not so good, that’s why don’t write a lot. Enjoy RHCP’s songs, my dear friends!

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First: I love the band too!

Second: just from looking at your code and the finished project i can tell you are a much better coder than I am. so feel free to take my one criticism with a grain of salt.

Third: The first requirement for the project is that the page be “functionally similar to the demo page” The demo page uses bootstrap’s img-responsive class to make the page more mobile friendly. Your page isn’t mobile friendly, nothing resizes and without scrolling right to left, much isn’t visible unless you’re viewing full screen. So it seems you missed the mark of making it ‘functionally similar’ IMHO


Thank you for criticism, it’s really very important for me. You are right about my mistake. I’m beginner and honestly think my tribute page is terrible.

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