Tribute Page for Mary Shelley Feedback

Hey guys I just completed my first little web page and I think I have it down alright, though it might be as efficient as I’d like on the coding side.

The link is here:

Any feedback is appreciated!

Thank you!

Excellent job! I like the way you made use of the layout.

Looks good @Sam-sas . But you may improve it a bit I think.

  • You can add some padding for the body of text.

  • You can use overflow: hidden for the main container so the top round corners can be smooth.

  • You can get a good color combination from to add more living colors.

  • Personally I think using small profile image of the person or large same size (same width with the body container) cover photo would be better maybe.


Thank you so much @JLndr ! It was definitely a struggle to figure things out but it’s been helpful trying to look at other sites to get ideas.

hey @azaraliyev thank you for the feedback;

  • I moved things around and played with the colors a bit, and I do think it looks a bit better than before especially with the padding in the text.

  • The coolors site is amazing and I’ve instantly bookmarked and signed up. I don’t want to get behind in design. I wanted to go with a bookish feel so picked a darker cream color for the content’s background.

  • I agree with the coverphoto and I went smaller and I think it looks better that way. I dunno about the border though but I think I’ll keep it for now.