Tribute Page for Mother Teresa - Feedback require

Hello Everyone,

I need your feedback on my Tribute Page for Mother Teresa.


Hey @Amita-Roy !
I’d like to say that I like the concept and idea to pay tribute to such a great person like Mother Theresa
However, I do have some feedback that I would like to say about your project. You have to be innovative as in, create something new and appealing vs. just another tribute page that looks very similar to the original template.
I would research and see other people’s samples and see how they did the page.

Here is my example: (Terry Fox tribute page). Sure I could have done a bit more on the background but I did a bit more coding and changed a bit of the way list looks, also I have removed all the JavaScript comments and coding ( looks bad and unclear if you do not remove the comments from the template )

Just a feedback so don’t think that I do not like the project.

Hi @BoCode84, thanks for the feedback I will surely try to make a bit different than the original one.

Don’t get me wrong. I love when people are learning but you might as well start from the start with something new and yours vs. putting some words in and leaving the code as is without trial and error.
CodePen has this nice thing where you can see live what you have done so just test it out.
Good luck !


I usually start with something that is already there and just making a little change in it… then I might go to w3schools just to see “okay, what are some other things I can do in a class or a div?” “what if I tried to do this?” … I usually have no idea what I want to do, so I need to look around to see what the possibilities are…