Tribute page for mushrooms

Hi camp friends, this my tribute page Tribute to the Mushrooms . Kindly give you valuable feed back.

with cheers :slight_smile: ,

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I only see a couple of issues.

  1. When viewed on a smaller width device like a phone, the image does not shrink to stay within the dark brown container. Look into adding the “img-responsive” Bootstrap 3 class to your image to correct this problem.

  2. Each element should have only one class attribute. You have at least one with two class=" " in it. To assign more than one class to an element, just separate the class names by spaces.

  3. Look over your html code and make sure you are not missing any > on the end of your element tags. I see at least one that could be causing some trouble.

Though not an issue, I do suggest making the padding in the section titled “Health Benefits of Mushroom”, the same as in the previous section (white background) before it.

Also, make sure to move all your styling into the CSS section. For example, you have:

<h1 class="text-center" style="color:white";>

Move this into your CSS as:

h1 {
  color: white:
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hi Randell,
Thank you for the review,

!. added img-responsive class
2.the glyphicon and glyphicon -link are the two classes , they have necessary space between them and checked once again.
3. one missing “>” appeded now
4.padding applied to both places.

i have moved the color to css but it’s not working

color: white;


thank you,
with cheers :slight_smile: ,

user feedback: we cannot see the tittle.

Nice content !

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Hi Orthocode,
Thanks for the review, I was testing CSS color thats why H1-eading not visible. Now its ok.

with cheers :slight_smile: ,

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Image is still cropped on my phone