Tribute Page for R inventors

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@AjithaKalyan I like the attempt to be unique! Here are some thoughts to make it better:

I know this isn’t mentioned in the current FCC challenges, but for valid HTML, you’ll want to look at the Doctype and the Head and Body sections of FCC Beta. All HTML markup should have these elements.

Why did you use an inline style on line 9 (style=background-image:url('') instead of using your separate CSS file? I think this should be moved into a body selector in your CSS.

Your class names red-text, blue-text, etc… describes the presentation of the content, not the content itself. This is important because one day, you may want to change the colors and instead of simply changing color: red; in you’re CSS, you’ll also have to change every instance of red-text in your HTML. In small projects, it’s easy, but you can imagine it being more complicated as the size of the project grows. Here’s more about that:

Creating ID and class values can be one of the more difficult parts of writing HTML. These values need to be practical, relating to the content itself, not the style of the content. Using a value of red to describe red text isn’t ideal, as it describes the presentation of the content. Should the style of the text ever need to be changed to blue, not only does the CSS have to be changed, but so does the HTML in every instance where the class red exists.

The HTML here assumes that the alert message will be red. However, should the style of the alert change to orange the class name of red will no longer make sense and will likely cause confusion.

Bad Code
<p class="red">Error! Please try again.</p>

Good Code
<p class="alert">Error! Please try again.</p>

You’ll definitely want to paste your HTML into this HTML validator. This will help you find some of the errors in your HTML markup. Try to fix these errors and let me know if you need help.

Your font color doesn’t pass the contrast tests. Also, here’s a good resource for figuring out color schemes.

That’s a lot of info to get you going in the right direction. Keep working hard and thanks for sharing! :slight-smile:

Thank you for a valuable feedback and happy to see a highly useful information.
Will do the changes and post the changed page…ASAP…
Thank you…:smiley: