Tribute Page for Ray Bradbury

So I wrote my first pen for Ray Bradbury.

A very simple color palette, simple showcase. Instead of a picture, I chose a video. I hope it doesn’t disqualify me from passing an assignment. I thought that video is worth more than a picture.

I wrote custom CSS, because I thought Bootstrap is overkill for this project and it’s important to learn fundamentals.

I have a question for elements. Is it okay that I refer to them without a class in my CSS?

I appreciate your feedback.

This is really great! really good.

Great typography, very well you used not only one paragraph(p) to text description part.

Line-height are good! Color scheme is very good.

You used relative units like em and % in css rules, but some still in pixel(absolute), you may change the absolute to relative too to make it super perfect.

Keep going on great work, happy pyogramming

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Hello. I really appreciate your feedback. It’s nice to hear some helpful tips.

You are so welcome.

I mostly check project feedback posts here randomly.
At the first I thought I didn’t review your work well, but after rechecked the page, I got some good peace in my mind.

I would say you have done the job right. simple and neat, very good.

Hope you get more advanced topics, and start backend coding soon.

keep goin on great work, happy programming