Tribute Page for Responsive Web Design. It's my fist project!

I’m Natasha and I’m completely new in this world. :upside_down_face:
I start little more than 1 week ago to learn coding with and this is my first project ever :see_no_evil:
Anyway I hope someone will see it just to give me some opinion about.
I would really like to become good enough and one day maybe to change my job.
Here is my link:
Thank youuu :blush:

Not bad for someone totally new. Since you are studying Responsive design, you should see how your page looks when it is on a smaller screen. If you are using Chrome it is easy, just use ctrl+shift+i then drag your page smaller or look at a mobile preview, ctrl+shift+m.

The page could use some work on smaller screens. The header font size could be smaller. Some pics are tiny while other pics are large and go off screen.

There is an important lesson to be learned when adjusting picture sizes and background sizes, some of which cannot be adjusted by styling unless for example the pics is in a div and the div is adjusted, etc.

But looks awesome for only a week!

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