Tribute Page for Steve Jobs

my second tribute page

It’s pretty good, but needs some improvements. Image doesn’t appear in my browser, background is too distracting and I don’t like the font. These are pretty small things. Good Luck :slight_smile:

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Picture of Steve Jobs and black background work well together.
The white text on top of the colored parts of the background is kind of hard to read.
When viewed on a cellphone sized screen the bottom buttons blend together. Could use some space in between.
Hope that helps!

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please tell me which browser do you use? I will try to correct the mistakes. :sweat_smile:

I’m using Firefox nighty (it’s not a stable build. I checked your website on my phone and the image appeared. So it’s probably my fault)
Btw Make the website responsive. It looks pretty bad on my phone. I had this problem too. Solving it was hard and took me days, but it paid of.

UPDATE: The image appears on my desktop browser. Problem solved :slight_smile: