Tribute Page for Storm!

Hello every body! This is my second attempt at a tribute page after coming back from starting this a year ago! I appreciate all advice and comments :grin:


Your images are not loading. Are you able to see the images? It is hard to critique the website like that. You may need to host the images somewhere else.
This text “The face of the great Storm herself” is overlapping other text. I am guessing that is not what you want.

On codepen, everything in the HTML tab is treated as content for body. To add stuff to head, you need to go into Settings > HTML > Stuff for <head>.

You can get around imgur’s selective hotlink blocking by adding <meta name="referrer" content="no-referrer"> to that head content. :wink:

HAha yeah definitely not what I want! It looks fine on desktop i think, but i need to format it for mobile i guess. Thanks for the heads up!!!

Thank you very much for the advice! I will definitely try it!

Alright!! Second attempt!
Tell me what ya’ll think!