Tribute page for the President of Loveworld Inc

I need some feedback on my tribute page; I put emphasis on harmony. I intend adding more functionality and make it into a very functional one over time.

Hi there! :slight_smile: Awesome looking page! I really like it. There’s nothing in terms of style, functionality or responsiveness that I believe is in need of critical fixing (except maybe to have the Wikipedia link open in a new tab).

There are, however, a couple of tiny errors in your code which you might want to correct. CodePen has a cool little feature that lets you see your errors - you can activate it by clicking on the dropdown menu in the upper right corner of HTML and CSS panels and selecting the “Analyze HMTL/CSS” option.

And also, CodePen considers everything you put into the HTML panel to be inside the <body> tag, which means that you don’t have to put the !DOCTYPE declaration, html or head elements. Everything you want to put inside the head element, you can enter in the "Stuff for <head>" section located in the HTML settings (click the little gear button in the top left corner of the HTML panel).

Other than this formal stuff, really good work on your page! :smile:

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Thanks a lot! @kristina_v
That was very detailed. I have taken note of some of the points you highlighted; I will do something about these.

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