Tribute Page format help?

Hi everyone! I’m nearly done with my Tribute Page, however, I’m not quite satisfied with it’s format.
Here’s a link:

Based on it’s accordion style, should I leave the lists as is, or would a bullet list be more appropriate (since this is a tribute page, and not a biography)? Basically, should I go for a timeline or stick to short paragraphs?

Thanks for the advice!

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If you’d prefer to use a bullet list you can, the way your lists are is unique, if you made the lines ever so slightly thinker or made the color shade a bit more visible it’d be really nice without the bullets. The project is really open ended, you can put it together exactly how you want it to. You could do paragraphs, lists, whatever you want. I setup mine where things were split into 3 lists of different parts of his life. Again it’s up to you on how to format it, the important thing is that you furfill all of the user stories. Good luck :slight_smile:

Ohhh I absolutely adore Josephine Baker! Im a “go with your gut” type… looks like you decided to give this a try and I dont see anything wrong with working it all out and seeing how everything looks. Take heart, if you dont like it you aren’t studk with it…can tweak it or give something else a try entirely. I do like where you are going with this though because I really dont see a lot of accordion components in tribute pages.

Im really interested in seeing how you progress with this…so please update here when you’re done so I can check it out? :smiley: