Tribute Page-Friedrich Nietzsche Finished

Still have to add some of his works and work on mobile version, but let’s call this a beta version and later to clean the code up a little.

Looks good. Looks like you understand content sectioning. I would recommend “mobile-first design” and “BEM” css if you want to apply those to this project.

Thanks! I did a tutorial recently where te site was made with “mobile first” in mind, with more and more mobile devices that is going to become a standard I think, if it already isn’t. For BEM, I will look into it, I am also considering SMACSS.

Done with the mobile, I know it’s not the best way but it works good enough for me, I not gonna mess around with this project, I just wanted to build this with floats and position for practice, now on to Flexbox.

Edit: Just to add this also, if the responsivity is a little wonky, it’s because there is no CSS framework.