Tribute Page - George Westinghouse

Just looking for some constructive feedback. Thank you in advance.

See the Pen: Westinghouse Tribute

I like it a lot. The color pallete is really nice. The page is responsive. Well done. :+1:

Looks good, I like it too. My eyes especially like the combination of colors :smiley:
The font is also well chosen and harmonizes with the project.

At the bottom of the page you used the below code to get the dark borders around your page.

<div id="top"></div>
<div id="bottom"></div>
<div id="left"></div>
<div id="right"></div>

That’s actually not necessary, you could just paste the following line into your body selector:

body {
  border: 10px solid #383d3b;

This does the same thing and removes the HTML markup. I don’t like using HTML elements only for design or appearance purposes, it should be for markup and content only. Plus, it’s much easy this way.

Another quick thing I suggest is giving a max-width to the #tribute-info, like so:

#tribute-info {
  max-width: 50%;
  margin: auto;

The idea is that the text doesn’t get too long, because on bigger screens (like mine which has 1920x1080 pixels) the text lines can get very long, which is quite difficult to read. The above code just cuts the width into half and centers the container, so it looks nice.

I appreciate the feedback, creating the border that way is much more simple than the method I used. I also ended up using the max-width / margin for the quote portion as well. Thanks a bunch!