Tribute page - Ghandi

At first i made my tribute page without bootstrap, hardcoded css. There was a problem though when looking at the webpage on other devices. So i decided to simply look into the code Quincy used and copied it. I am not that proud of the final result as it quite simply is the same as Quincy’s page. The thing i got out of this is that i worked allot with CSS and learned some new stuff and got a bit more feeling to coding. So it worked out positive.

I also have a question some might know to help me out with. I want a clear overview of all the commands/classes used with bootstrap so that i, next time won’t have to look back into someone else his work and instead look into the overview for new stuff to work out. Also nice to know is what kind of selectors where for example used with .jumbotron class. One thing what made me twist my mind was that i couldn’t change my block-radius with jumbotron in css when calling for it.

Well hope someone can show me a link in which i can find what i asked for.

Here is a link to my tribute page about Ghandi.

I hope i get to be more creative in future projects.

I think i found enough information on W3schools about what i asked in my previous post considering bootstrap.