Tribute Page: Give me the Feedback! And suggest me something to add more

Here I have completed my first FCM project still I am facing issue to applying css. Can you please suggest me what else I can do to make it more attractive?
Here is my project.


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Hello Abhi8 :slight_smile:

As a general advice, copy ideas that you like and adapt to your own needs

If you want to read more about him please follow the link Wikipedia link

You repeat Link 2 times. Replace “If you want to know more about Vivekananda here’s a complete article about his life

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Thank you so much!
I will consider your all points.

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Hello @Abhi8,

I’m using a mobile device to watch your project and looks very fine… My only worry is with the font used in this version. I can’t tell whether it will be readable by all the users. Frankly it disturbed me in some areas of the text and had to abandon the reading…

Suggesting you use a more readable text for the content and leave that to only headings… Just my opinion. Otherwise great work :kissing_heart:

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Thank you so much I will consider your review.