Tribute Page - Groundhog Day

Hello! My first post here. I recently started coding and I reached the first project in FCC, which is the tribute page:

Any feedback welcomed! :slight_smile:

Move this over to #project-feedback

Looks good.
I like the border effect, Gotta make sure to use that some time.
Also, body tag is selected twice in your css. The first selection sets background-color:black. This is overwritten later on by background-color: #abc;.

Could use a bit more styling though. The border makes things look more streamlined but then everything is pretty simple.

Keep up the guchi yes I just said that work! :+1:

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thank you very much for your feedback. I will keep working on it cause I want to add more style.
I will correct what you suggested.
How can I move it to the project-feedback?
thank you.

Looks like you figured it out. :slight_smile:

Forgot to mention this but, an image tag should always have an alt attribute. Otherwise its technically incorrect syntax.

<img src="image.jpeg" alt="" />
<!-- Even if the alt tag is empty, it should still be there -->

Thank you again! I already corrected it :slight_smile: