Tribute Page: Half Life


I have been a huge fan of Half Life series since 2010, and I am still waiting for HL3.

I know it’s mostly images, but I liked it, and wanted to share with you guys.

Nice tribute, I really like the parallax scrolling! :thumbsup:

I love it.

Its very niceley put together and seems to work well accross screen sizes as far as I can tell.

I’m not sure about the mixture of fonts. I can understand why you’ve done it - because the content tone is different - but i think the monospaced font works so well the other style looks like you forgot about it.

I don’t know how you’d fix that, maybe just another font or maybe style the box its in with a right hand border (was my imediate thought) would help set it apart, just my opinion tho

very good job :thumbsup:

I love the background scrolling effect. Any pointers on where I can find a tutorial for that sort of thing?

Really nice job, and as a Half-Life gamer as well, it was a nice trip down memory lane. I’ve been a fan ever since HL1 though, guess I’m kinda dating myself on that although I was a mere teenager when that one came out.

As an HL gamer, your font choice in the main “Half-Life” title totally threw me off because Valve never used that font on any of the game art. You should try to make that font as close to the game font as possible, just guessing but I think that might be Arial (could very well be wrong on that too). Also, the “A” in “Half-Life” should be the lambda symbol—IMO you can’t call it a tribute page to Half-Life and not have the lambda symbol! :wink:

Also, calling it a “Video Game Series” is sort of disingenuous to where the franchise originated, which is on the PC. Better to call it “PC Game Series”, IMO, as the term “video game” is more synonymous with consoles (like the Xbox, PS4, etc).

I took a quick look at your code and noticed that you had more than one H1, which isn’t good practice. You should only have one H1 on an HTML page, you can have multiple H2s though.

wowou! the page looks nice.

This is really one cool tribute page.:slight_smile: