Tribute Page: Haruki Murakami

Hey guys! Made my first web page. This page is dedicated to the Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami.
I know i wrote bad(shit describes it more accurately :P) code but i will get better with time. Criticism is most welcome!
Thank you.
link -

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Looks great! More importantly I love Murakami! I’ve read most of his books. Good to see another fan.

Sorry I can’t criticize your coding more, I’m really just a beginner myself… I do see you used mostly bootstrap. I think the more you can master that the faster you will be able to build up websites and web applications. From what I’ve learned so far in the few months I’ve been teaching myself web development web frameworks are really important. From the front end to the back end there seems to be a framework available. But what I’ve also learned is it’s more beneficial to me if I learn the “vanilla” version of everything, from HTML, CSS, and Javascript, then learn the more abstracted frameworks of them, like Bootstrap, SASS/LASS, and Javascript stuff like Angular, React, and Meteor. From what I understand it’s important to know these pre-processors and frameworks when looking for work in the industry, it just makes production that much faster, which is important when developing for a company on a time limit.

Thank you so much @Jesse ! Your feedback means a lot. I too love Murakami’s books. This is first attempt at building a webpage and i took a makeshift approach to build it. I will definitely learn more about frameworks like you suggested and try to improve and optimize my code.
Happy Coding!

Very Cool, I’m a Muraki fan myself! Nice Job!

Very good!
I’m also beginning front-end dev, and I think the point here is not exactly the quality of your choice for the tribute (which by the way I also like a lot), but your skills as a developer and, why not, as a designer.
I like “minimalist design”, straight to the point, a short page, good colors, nice round frame.
I like it!

I think you are facing the same problem than I: The row of books just remain four or one book per row… I’m trying to make a little different behavior: depending on sizing, I’m trying to have two elements per row…

Thanks @lostandfound24.
@marlon-net thanks for the feedback, to include two books in a row, include your two book images in div element belonging to class “row” and then include each element in a div element belonging to class “col-md-6”. remember that a bootstrap row is of size 12 so give 6 units to each book and you’ll get two books in your desired row :slight_smile: