Tribute Page - Hedy Lamarr

Hai everyone!! I can’t believe I finished my Tribute Page project! I was stuck for a while because I didn’t understand the instructions to put “id” here and there >.<
Anyway, I’d really appreciate your comments on the codes, what I can improve to make it simpler and cleaner (I still have issues with design, but I will update it later).
Thanks in advance and stay safe! Cheers!

Overall, nicely done, not too many issues.

  • You should not jump heading levels. You went from an <h1> to an <h3>. Change it to an <h2>.
  • The click here link at the very bottom is considered bad form. Link text should be more self explanatory.
  • The <section> that contains the list of achievements is wrapped in an <a> tag. Get rid of that. And you’ve got an empty <a> right before the <footer> which needs to go.
  • At narrower browser widths I think you need to get rid of most of the side margin/padding on the achievements list so that you have more horizontal room for the content.
  • Believe it or not, but the color blue used for the link at the bottom is not quite accessible (i.e. does not have enough contrast with the background). You can check for color accessibility at
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Thank you so much @bbsmooth, really appreciate for taking your time looking through my codes and commenting it! Will do check the links you shared :smile: