Tribute Page Help - Alignment

My tribute page is not giving errors but I am having issues getting caption to align with image and strong tags not working in all coded areas

You’ll need to share a link to your project in order for people to help you out. The more detail that you can share about what’s going wrong, the better we can help you. my bad

Check your strong closing tags, some are missing the slash /.

Try using flex. I played with your code and used the #img-div in CSS to apply display:flex
Then use flex-direction: column.
Adjust width as you wish.
I also deleted the #image in css.

Hope that helps.

Hi @amazonqueen !

Align is not a valid css property.

#img-caption {
  padding: 40px 0 40px 0;
  align: auto;

If you google, “how to center text in css” then you will learn how to center text properly.

Hope that helps!

thank you!! got it. Found and fixed it. Appreciate the help

Thank you, I appreciate your help.

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