Tribute Page - Help and Feedback

This is my Tribute Page project.

I have some things I need help on:

1] How do I make captions (p tag) closer to picture? There’s always a space between caption and picture I can’t get rid of. [SOLVED]

2] How do I make the heading with the text “The life of Jonas Salk” closer to black outlined box? That space above I can’t get rid of either.

Also if there’s any feedback on the tribute page that would be good as well.


Hi there!

1] Instead of p tag use div.

2] Use margin-top: 0px; applied to h3

Also check your semicolons, you have some missing ones. :slight_smile:

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Hi, thanks for the reply.

1] Thanks, it worked.
2] The margin-top: 0px; only moved it slightly up. Is there a way to reduce space more?

And I fixed the font-family where I forgot to put semicolons.

I’m a newbie too. I also just finished my tribute. I couldn’t come up with anything else. I think it may be something about the div containing the timeline. But I’m just guessing there.

Okay, well thanks for the help you provided.