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Asli Abade


<h2 class="text-center" The first African woman to fly
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                    A young Asli Abade
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          <h3>Here's a timeline of Asli's life :</h3>
                 <strong>1979</strong> - Abade solo-piloted her first flight on 9 September 1976 for the Somali Airforce.
                 </strong> - Abade waged a peace campaign, encouraging lawmakers to come together and put an end to the long-standing civil conflict in her native Somalia. Attending every major political function dressed in the colors of the Somali flag, she reportedly commanded the respect of all the attendees.[5] For her efforts in the reconciliation process that took place in neighboring Arta, Djibouti, which saw the establishment of the Transitional Federal Government, she was accorded the codename Calansida ("The Flag-bearer").

Get to know Asli better:

Abade solo-piloted her first flight on 9 September 1976 for the Somali Airforce

Birth name: Asli Xasan Cabaade(calansida) Born: Buloburde, hiran, Somalia Allegiance: Somalia Service/branch: Somali Air Force Rank Captain: Other work Activist

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"Abade describes herself as a "patriot", and as "a strong lady", on account of her military experience."

Somali pilot, military figure, and civil activist.

If you have time, you should read more about this incredible human being on her Wikipedia entry.


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