Tribute Page help float issues

Hey guys,

So basically what happened is i built the tribute page as it should be, passed all the tests and moved on with my challenges but today i felt the urge to redo the entire challenge because it feels like i am forgetting what i learned, anyhow i wanted to know i have an image and an ul that i want to appear next to each other and i know float does this but when i use float then it removes it from block completely so i cant float left or right to align them that way, is there any other way to accomplish this??

link to my pen is here

I know the list and image are next to each other now but i cant get it aligned right?


If you want to modify the image size you may use width and height properties.

width: 20%;
height: 20%;

For achieve what you want, you can use in the parent container after fixing the img size:

diplay: flex;

Hope it helps.

i did that and it didnt work so i changed the whole thing xD also played with the flex but it didnt go according to plan but thank you anyhow