Tribute Page help needed

I have just started off with CSS, HTML and just completed my tribute page. To brush up a bit more I was attempting to copy this site for the tribute page but I am getting these 5 obstacles:
My project:
Target Project:

  • How to increase the width of
    tag, the size element as said on net is not working
  • How to but buttons over the space in the hr tag. A demo of this would be appreciated.
  • It is not able to read fa library @fonts_awesome.
  • Aligning the text below the image towards center. I tried many different permutations but none seem to give the desired output.
  • It is getting new-line (below the Elon-Musk image.) which I don’t want.
  • Last but not the least, in the ad given on the official page in between… how can I incorporate something like that in my web-page ?

Help needed !

I don’t know many of the answers but here’s what I got:
1 To increase the width of the image you have to either do a inline style or to apply a class in wich the width has more pixels(I suggest to apply the class) doing this:

<!--Note: I don't know how many pixels are needed -->
   width: 300px;

4 Between the

and there is a line, delete the line and automatically the line bellow Ellon Musk’s image will dissapear

Sorry, in the part 4 beetween the p element and strong there is a line like this:
Just delete the line

After “between the” there should be a p element written in a code block but I forgot to use `` so it doesn’t appear