Tribute page - help with responsive image

Hi! I hope anyone could help me with my tribute page. I can’t make my image responsive, maybe the media query doesn’t work or the image itself is too small but I didn’t find another good image about Ramanujan. Sorry if my english is bad, but I’m trying my best to improve it.

This is my project:

HI @danielbeat1 !

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You don’t need to use media queries for responsive image.
If you run the tests and open up the test suite to read the error messages it will tell you how to make the image responsive.

Also since you are posting this in the project feedback section here are some other suggestions to help improve your project.

First off, you need to include the test suite in your page.
<script src=""></script>

Right now you are only passing 6/10 tests. Open up the test suite and read the full error messages on how to fix the issues.

You also have to work on responsiveness. On smaller devices the text overflows and creates a horizontal scroll.

Hope that helps!

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Also the script tag should not be in the head section.
It should go just before the end of the body tag.

Thanks for the feedback ! It helps me a lot :smiley: