Tribute Page- Help

Somehow the image is not coming.

Please help me.

<div class= ".container" align= "center"

this line is not closed
and container should not start with dot

As for your image not working…

Somebody can correct me, but if the url you give it is not one that shows only the picture, you’re not going to show the image. Right now, the image links a website rather than the image address. When you want to link an image, right click and make sure you copy the “image address” not just url you see on the top.

You should also change the image link. You can not embed that image using the current link. Try to find the exact URL of the image. I usually make sure I find something with a “.jpg”, “.png” extension at the end of the URL like the following:
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Thank u, this worked.

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Did you also fix your div tag and your css? Hard to see how anything worked without doing that.

Yes I did,
Thank You!