Tribute Page help?

I am getting 7/10 and cannot see where I went wrong. I had a 10/10 but it disappeared, I shouldn’t have fiddled with it.

Thanks if anyone can help!

Hi @Susan626 !

Whenever a test is not passing, always read the full error messages.

I should see either a <figure> or <div> element with corresponding id=“img-div”.
Just taking a quick glance at your code, I don’t think I saw that.

Within the “img-div” element, I should see an <img> element with a corresponding id=“image”.

You are probably getting this error message because you don’t have a img div.

  1. Within the “img-div” element, I should see either a <figcaption> or <div> element with a corresponding id=“img-caption” that contains textual content describing the image shown in “img-div”.

Same issue with the missing img div.

Thank you Susan I will fix those.!!

I don’t see any error messages when I run the test, just 7/10. :confused:

I did analyze the html and css in codepen and had no issues.

Thanks again!

Oh brother I didn’t click on the passed button. I see the messages now, how embarrassing lol.

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I passed 10/10 and submitted the link, will the radio button be checked off at some point if I pass ?
Moving to the next challenge anyway. ty for the help.

Did you submit your project and click I’ve completed the challenge.

Yes I did

thanks again @jwilkins.oboe :slight_smile:

I did it again and I passed :grinning:

Thanks for your help!

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