Tribute Page - how to start?

The wording on the ‘build a tribute page’ challenge is a little strange. Am I supposed to be starting from scratch? Or am I supposed to use the example codepen as a starting point?
Also - am I supposed to try to include all user story elements before testing? Or test after each user story?

Absolute programming beginner, so I apologize for what’s maybe a silly question.

You’re supposed to start building form scratch. Basically what you need to do is dedicate your webpage to a character or personality you admire the most, your web page needs to include an image and some info about the personality you’ve chosen; And. yes you need to carefully follow and fulfill all the user-story guidelines in order to pass the test. You can customize the page to you heart’s content as long as checking all the required points.
Best of luck!

Very cool! Glad I get a chance to build it for something I enjoy!

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