Tribute Page Hrithik Roshan

Hello everyone. I just finished my first project. Request all of you to have a look at it and give feedback . Thanks!
Tribute Page Hrithik Roshan

Good looking subject :+1:
Nice slideshow :+1:
Interesting way of presenting information: :+1:

Things that can be improved:

  • resolution of the images used looks off in one case (looks grainy, maybe it was enlarged too much ) and in one other case the actor’s chin & mouth is cut-off.
  • I was confused by the way you presented the favorite things list. So not very intuitive way of listing things in my opinion but a fun way of making a quiz for eg. (ie. if you had presented the boxes as hidden answers to questions, that are listed one by one, it would have been fun because I can see a fan of this actor liking to quiz themselves).
    For someone like me who doesn’t know the person though, it took me a minute to figure out what the boxes were there for.

Hey @hbar1st Thank you for the valuable feedback , I will keep those points in mind. :grinning: