Tribute Page - HTML/CSS

Hello everybody!
I finished the second challenge of the HTML/CSS course and made some modifications outside of this platform. In other words, the code is different from what is hosted here. I assume everyone can inspect the code through their browser’s developer tools. It’s responsive.
Thank you to anyone who comments…
The SSL certificate will take some time to become active. Free hosting stuff…

I’m not a professional but i’ll tell you the things i would modify:

  • The font family i would use something more modern.
  • The gray on the background make it lighter and the gradient maybe it’s better to bottom.
  • Set a border-radius for the image same as the container below.
  • Remove the text-shadow from the figscaption.

First of all, thank you for visiting my work.
I agreed with you on two topics and changed.
The figure caption really shouldn’t have a shadow and the image should follow the contour of the ul But think with me, the font isn’t that modern because Jobim isn’t that modern, right? Finally, I liked the gradient as it is. Thanks for your opinion!

In the first post the link had a problem with the SSL certificate.
I moved to a subdomain where the certificate was already active.

I merged your threads.

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Thank you very much!

Hello there,
your tribute page is quite beautiful. You’ve created good image boxe without breaking the image ratio and elements are completely responsive and adaptive for wide screens. The padding is good, everything is aligned well. Also, you’ve added a great touch with box-shadow, border-radius, and hover effect.

I can offer one humble piece of advice: if you use transition on your hover effect for anchor elements <a>, they will change more smoothly and beautifully.

Here is the transition documentation and a sample:

transition: all ease-in-out 300ms;

Also, if you add space after the ‘anchor’ element, it will look better when hovered. Second one is looks little bit wrong.

Happy coding :slightly_smiling_face:

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I accept your advice and have already changed!
Thank you for your kind words!

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