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I have almost finished my Tribute Page challenge. I have passed the tests. but when I use the Codepen HTML analyzer it flags up two faults

  1. un-escaped items in the source image link (it’s working)
    2 . un -paired tag for the audio element. (it’s working)

I can see the % in the link but if I try to escape them with &amp the link breaks

I cannot see the problem with the audio element.

Apart from that do you have any suggestions for improving the layout of the page?

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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Your page looks good @Martin_Donohoe.

Looks like you’ve taken care of these. I see no issues.

Something to revisit;

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It is because you are missing a space between the attributes (id and src). The same goes for the audio element (id and controls).

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Thank you I will look at that.