Tribute page (html) - tests failed, link not working - SOLVED

Hi Everyone,

I’m a clueless newbie and would appreciate an advice.
I created a tribute page (with hardly any layout or css, focused on the working side first) but it fails at 9/10 tests and the wikipedia link is not working (redirects to codepen 404 page).

I compared every single line of my code to the sample page code and it seems fine to me :slight_smile:

If someone would be kind enough to have a look and help out I would appreciate that very much.

This is the page:

About your link, it’s not working because you used the wrong quotation marks. Yours look italicized but you should just use the regular ". :slight_smile:
I just saw that all your quotation marks look like that. That’s probaby why you’re not passing the tests.

OMG, thank you so much, it worked!
I had a feeling it had to be something typo-type, but couldn’t find it myself.

Many thanks!