Tribute page: I'm curious about your feedbacks!

Here my tribute page finished a month ago, but I didn’t share it here yet I.

I’m very curious about your feedbacks it is dedicated to heavyweight boxing legend Muhammed Ali.
With his street forward and amazing cotes””.


very nice … really like it … but a problem … everything is responsive from large screen down to mobile sizes except for the image of Muhammed Ali.
when in developer tools i can click on the img element and add width:100%; height:100% and this works and img scales from large sizes to small sizes.
only other thing i dont like is the text size … its too small for me … lol im getting old eyesight is not as good as it used to be … i would go for min of at least 18px
maybe even google use of text size in web pages and see how important text size is.
but other than that lovely page …well done

Nice page, I agree with JohnL3, you should make the picture responsive. Also the information looks as not well organized. I mean that, for example the font of the h5 tag is smaller than the font of the quotes.

Hi John,

Thank you! I appreciate. I will make the modifications soon.

Lol about the text size yes! Indeed It is small it does nothing to do with your eyesight.

Hi Stefani,

Thanks! for the comment.