Tribute Page- Image Size&Centering

I started my first project, and I did the first 8 challenges. Now i'm stuck at the layout part, i can't set the image to automatically resize nor center it. I set the max with& height to 100%  in <style>,and i tried doing the class=center as well as margin:0 auto; yet nothing is working. Am i doing this wrong, or is it that these are supposed to work but i've messed up somewhere else and it's now interfering?

It takes a lot more than eight challenges before you do a project. I suggest studying more. We need to see your code preferably in a codepen.

My bad, i was unclear on that. I’ve done everything in Responsive Web Design Certification,up until the last section with the projects. The first project has 10 mini-challenges/goals/requirements, and i’ve done 8 of those and am stuck on the last 2.
Does this work? (it’s kinda awkward lmao)

Nice doge!

Re-read this challenge from the Applied Visual Design section to answer your question about centering the image. I had the same problem.

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much thanks, such appreciate!

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Ah, you meant user stories / requirements. That is an excellent photo from which to pick theme colors for the page. looking forward to your final design.

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