Tribute page image src broken and copyright query

I’m working on building a tribute page but whichever image src I use brings up a broken image icon. I can not get it to display any image on the output screen!
I’m also worried about copyright issues from the said pictures I want to use.
Please help

What code are you using for displaying the images? Can you please provide an example or a copy of the code you are trying. To post code on the forums wrap it in three backticks (```).

‘’’ Picture of The food Babe smiling whilst standing in the middle of a shopping aisle with her arms crossed.‘’’

I got the src from finding the image on google then clicking on the three dots on the corner, clicking on share then copying the link. It always gives me a broken link.

However, I have now discovered that when I right click the image and press “copy link address” it actually works… so i think i may have fixed the problem! :slight_smile: It gives me a different link:

Now i’m worried about the copyright issues as I can’t find any images of the person I’m writing about which don’t have copyright

Not sure what symbol you used but it doesn’t appear to be the correct one. Try selecting the code and utilizing the </> button on the forum post. That should add the backticks for you.

Edit: Congratulations on getting the link to work!

As for copyright I would suggest only using the tribute page to pass the test and not use it on a personal portfolio that is displayed to the world.

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