Tribute page image url

Image link opens fine in a browser window but not from my web page or codepen. I have stored image in google photos, and generated the link from there.

      <img id="image" src="" width="25%"></img>
      <figcaption class="italic">Ricky Jay holding a deck of cards.</figcaption>
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I can see the image but that is because I am currently logged into google.

I haven’t use google photos before but you could try to follow a tutorial on how to add google images to your site.

For what it’s worth, Google Photos isn’t meant to be an image hosting platform and they’ve taken specific steps to prevent this. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh I didn’t know.

Any reason why?

I’d assume they don’t want to suffer the bandwidth hit for hosting images. That extra traffic can get expensive quickly.

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Ok that makes sense. Are there other Free photo hosting sites that will work?

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