Tribute Page issues=) my first question on this forum

Image doesn’t load as a background
hi there, i will be very grateful if you advise why my code doesn’t work. I need to upload one of the images on my desktop to be a background pic for my tribute page:
I tried different paths : like file:///C:/Users/yusuf/Desktop/PIANO.jpg or /Desktop/PIANO.jpg and others


body {
background-image: url(“./images/PIANO.jpg”);
background-position: center center;
background-size: 100% 100%;

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you need to upload them somewhere online. You could for example use a github account for that. Or an image hosting site.

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Thanks so much. It actually worked :smiley:

But now the image keeps disappearing when i edit some parts of the code, like when i change the font color of h1. I tried also setting background attachment as fixed; position-static. But something seems to overflow the background image. :exploding_head:

not enough infos to know what’s going, please provide teh code you are asking about

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